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We are a small home based rescue based in Bristol, UK and we take in all small furries, birds and reptiles. We have recently started taking in the odd cat but are very limited on space and numbers. We also take in sick/injured/young wildlife for rehabilitation before release back into the wild.

All animal that come into the rescue are put into a standard quarantine before being out up for adoption so temperaments and health can be assessed. Any animals with long term illness or health issues are kept here at the rescue to ensure they are always given the best care. We have a very strict NO KILL policy here at the rescue.

If we can be of an assistantance, if you are looking for a new pet or need to rehome a beloved pet please get in touch and we will always help if we can. Please remember to always give a rescue pet a second chance, in some cases the have not always had the best start in life and just want to be happy and loved.

Email: [email protected]

Web: http://www.yatesmallanimalfosterandrehome.webs.com