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Thread: Hi! I'm new :)

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    Puppykisses Hi! I'm new :)

    My name is Emma and I'm new to this forum. I saw a link on FaceBook asking for assistance with travel arrangements for rescue dogs, so wanted to volunteer to help.
    I have two Staffies, a boy and a girl, called Oscar and Sadie. I get sick of hearing all the bad press on this breed and it saddens me to see so many Staffies abandoned and waiting in shelters They are such a loyal and loving breed. It's just a shame that there are a few bad owners who give this breed a bad name
    I love animals in general and I also have two bunnies, a budgie, a gerbil and a rat. Sadly I lost my darling hamster, Peaches, and my beautiful budgie, Persie, only two weeks ago in the same week :'(
    Anyway, it's good to know there are caring people out there, that don't change their pets on a weekly basis dependent on which cute puppies are available from week to week! Hope you are all having a good week and that your pets are all healthy and happy :)
    Emma x

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    Aww, thank you Emma!
    I'm sorry to hear about Peaches and Persie.

    Thank you for joining and for the lovely offer of help!

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    A warm from me too
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