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Thread: Hello from north Devon

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    Paw Hello from north Devon

    Hi everyone,

    I'm Sammi and am fairly new to this site. 3 rescue cats own me and provide lots of cuddles and funny moments.

    Am involved in a cat rescue charity which operates in the Thames Valley where I used to live. Am no longer able to work and so have no income. It has meant that my financial support of many animal welfare organisations has reduced to tiny amounts here and there when I can spare them. It grieves me that in all the time of doing the lottery, I barely won 30!! If only I'd hit the jackpot, then I could have given free rein to my desire to be philanthropic!

    One day I hope to have a car once more and be fit enough to help with fundraising and/or earn enough cash to spread the goodwill around so that folks in the animal rescue world can do their jobs.

    I hope this message finds you well.


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    to our friendly forum. Sadly many rescues and organisations like ourselves have seen a large drop in donations , this is likely because the cost of living has gone up and therefore people just can't afford to donate funds or fuel as much as they could in the past I wish you good luck in your fund raising:)
    Kelly-joy Sargent Part of The Animal Lifeline UK Team
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