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Thread: saying hello,

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    saying hello,

    hi, I am Tracey and just wanted to say Thankyou for agreeing my request to join, I have pets of my own and I would like to help where I can to save other animals. it's so heartbreaking to see so many animals mainly dogs being pts for no fault of Thier own because there's no where for them to go or they can't get transport. I'm just glad that I can help as I know I can't take them all. thanks Tracey

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    Hi Tracey and a huge to Animal Lifeline UK.

    It really is heartbreaking to see so many of them desperately needing help. We couldn't save nearly as many without fantastic volunteers though so any help is always very much appreciated, thank you. x

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    Welcome from me, too! Every person who helps, even a little, is doing a great job.

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    , do post pictures up of your pets as we all love pictures here
    Kelly-joy Sargent Part of The Animal Lifeline UK Team
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