Please ensure when posting a request for transport that you disclose ALL relevant information about the animal(s) prior to the transport taking place. It is essential that transport volunteers are made aware of any potential issues with the animal(s), including any medical conditions and aggression issues. This is for the safety of the transport volunteers, animal(s) being moved and members of the public who may inadvertently come into contact with the animal(s). Please also state whether or not liability insurance is in place and who will be the legal owner of the animal(s) during transportation.

All volunteers must ensure they have full contact details of any rescue they are transporting on behalf of, contact details (including a name, phone number and car registration number) of any other volunteers taking part in the transport run and any relevant documentation that needs to travel with the animal(s). It is your responsibility to find out who is legally responsible for the animal during transportation and whether or not third party liability insurance is in place in the event of an incident taking place. Please also check with your insurance company that you are insured to carry an unknown animal. Animal Lifeline cannot take any responsibility for members who do not. We also strongly advise volunteers not to take their own animals or young children when transporting unknown animals.

***Animal Lifeline assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any transport requests placed on the site, nor subsequently any incident that may occur as a result of a transport run.***